I recently read somewhere that springtime is a time of renewal and regeneration. While this isn’t how we often think about menopause transition, on my ...
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Beauty Slays the Beast – Tamsen Fadal Takes on Menopause
If you live in the New York metropolitan area, then you probably know Tamsen Fadal as a long-standing and familiar presence reporting the Evening News ...
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From Endometriosis to Menopause: Tackling Reproductive Health through Plant-based Solutions with the Semaine Sisters 
Identical twins Lauren “Lar” Lee Crane and Catherine “Cath” Lee share a lot in common…unfortunately, struggling with debilitating endometriosis is one of them. At 39 ...
An Integrative Approach to Sleep During Menopause Transition with Dr. Valerie Cacho
Dr. Val Cacho (a.k.a. Dr. Val) knows the critical role sleep plays during menopause transition. A board-certified internal and sleep medicine doctor, she started her ...
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Menopause and Our Changing Bodies: Embracing Fall Fashion Trends to Look Good and Feel Great
September brought the transition to autumn and the official start of the fall fashion season. Weight changes during menopause transition — including bloating and how ...
Cannabis + Clean Beauty for Wellness – Breaking Down the Stigma with Katelynn Nguyen
Many women use cannabis to treat a range of symptoms experienced during perimenopause. According to a 2020 North American Menopause Society study, 27% of perimenopausal ...
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Mindful Eating for a Better Menopause with Shelley Chapman
Weight gain and how we carry weight tend to be common concerns and challenges for women as we age. It can be even more frustrating ...
Manifesting Your Menopause Mogul with Dr. Joy’El Ballard
When it comes to likely pairings, menopause and entrepreneurship probably wouldn’t rise to the top of the list. Fueled by outdated tropes and stereotypes (about ...
Hot Flashes, Menopause and a Femtech Solution with Debbie and Markea Dickinson
As the old saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention”.  Well, sometimes it’s your actual mother…and sometimes it’s literally both! This was the case ...
2022 – Is “Peri” Very On-Trend?
If Pantone is to be believed, then 2022 is the year that “peri” takes center stage. With their designation of 2022 as the year of ...