I recently read somewhere that springtime is a time of renewal and regeneration. While this isn’t how we often think about menopause transition, on my best days, I can see the correlation.

Like the transition from winter to spring, I’ve definitely been “renewed” in  different ways throughout my perimenopausal journey. Mostly, I’ve developed a renewed sense of self.

I’ve become much clearer on what’s important to me and what’s not — what I’m willing to tolerate and what I’m not. How to walk away from what no longer serves me and most important, how to pursue with a focused determination, more of what does.

This type of transition can be challenging. I’ve lost (and mourned) relationships that were meaningful to me, passed on what at one time I would have viewed as prime career development opportunities, and disappointed some who thought they knew me.

Even so, this process of renewal has been well worth it.

I recently had the privilege to sail the British Virgin Islands with a group of positive, down-to-earth, just good people. By most accounts, it was a spur of the moment decision — one I made only two weeks before the journey.

It was a decision made literally in a moment when I’d decided that I needed something different and was deserving of all the good things I envisioned for myselfA week prior, my decision would likely have been different. But in that moment, a friend invited me…and I said yes. I’m glad I did.

It was the experience of a lifetime and I came back feeling renewed and regenerated, just in time for spring! I know that much like life, navigating menopause isn’t always smooth sailing. But it’s not a bitter end either.  It’s one life transition among many and we can focus on what’s ahead, or ponder on what’s aft and run aground.


March 2023

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