About Menopause Made Modern by Claret Circle

There are millions of different menopause websites — many with overwhelming, biased or outdated information. Yet, even with all of these sites, there are few that feel truly relevant and inclusive. Even with so much information available online, everyone experiences menopause differently and many people struggle to find helpful information about where to get help or how best to manage – or simply validate – their own experience.

Claret Circle was created to help women — particularly women of color  — make menopause better through our collective journey. We are a community platform designed to evolve and benefit from each other. We are not a health platform and we don’t offer medical advice. Through sharing content, community, and storytelling, we can help each other feel less alone and more empowered to manage our own experience. 

Menopause Made Modern by Claret Circle (Menopause Made Modern) is a web-based platform powered by user-generated product and service ratings and reviews of various treatments taken for conditions related to perimenopause and post-menopause. It’s supported by wrap-around content comprised of original product reviews by the Menopause Made Modern team, Subject Matter Expert and Influencer insights and individual stories that seek to represent a broad and diverse range of experiences.

About the Founder

Kamili Wilson (she/her), 50, is the Founder and CEO of Claret Circle.

Fueled by indignant frustration (which developed into an obsessive passion), she founded Claret Circle to make it easier for women of color navigating menopause transition to find useful, actionable information and connect with meaningful communities. 

Currently (still), perimenopausal, she first began experiencing related symptoms at the age of 43.

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