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Navigating Cultural Identity, Medical Practice, and Menopause: A Journey with Dr. Sameena Rahman
The journey through menopause transition can be laden with cultural stigmas and unique healthcare barriers. Dr. Sameena Rahman, a Chicago-based, board-certified OB-GYN, sexual medicine, and ...
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Reimagining Menopause Care: Dr. Taniqua Miller’s Vision for Change
Menopause, a natural phase of life, has often been a topic shrouded in silence and stigma. Dr. Taniqua Miller, a former academic and a visionary ...
Making Menopause and Sexual Health Mainstream with Hajira Yasmin MD, FACOG
Dr. Hajira Yasmin’s enthusiasm for her work is palpable. A board-certified OB-GYN, Dr. Yasmin (affectionately called “Dr. Yas” by her patients) is also a certified ...
An Integrative Approach to Sleep During Menopause Transition with Dr. Valerie Cacho
Dr. Val Cacho (a.k.a. Dr. Val) knows the critical role sleep plays during menopause transition. A board-certified internal and sleep medicine doctor, she started her ...
Manifesting Your Menopause Mogul with Dr. Joy’El Ballard
When it comes to likely pairings, menopause and entrepreneurship probably wouldn’t rise to the top of the list. Fueled by outdated tropes and stereotypes (about ...
Knowledge is Power: Empowering a Better Menopause with Dr. Sharon Malone
For nearly 30 years, Dr. Sharon Malone led a prominent and thriving obstetrics and gynecology practice serving hundreds of women across the Washington, DC metro ...
Re-Framing How We Think About Sex and Menopause with Dr. Brandye Wilson-Manigat
You remember a time when sex was the best thing ever, but now, you can take it or leave it…mostly leave it. After showing up ...
Dr. LaKeischa Webb McMillan and the #HormoneHotties Revolution
Dr. LaKeischa McMillan, or “Dr. LaKeischa” as her patients call her, is an Integrative Gynecologist and Hormone Specialist with more than 20 years of experience ...