Asian Women’s Health

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Navigating Cultural Identity, Medical Practice, and Menopause: A Journey with Dr. Sameena Rahman
The journey through menopause transition can be laden with cultural stigmas and unique healthcare barriers. Dr. Sameena Rahman, a Chicago-based, board-certified OB-GYN, sexual medicine, and ...
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From Endometriosis to Menopause: Tackling Reproductive Health through Plant-based Solutions with the Semaine Sisters 
Identical twins Lauren “Lar” Lee Crane and Catherine “Cath” Lee share a lot in common…unfortunately, struggling with debilitating endometriosis is one of them. At 39 ...
Cannabis + Clean Beauty for Wellness – Breaking Down the Stigma with Katelynn Nguyen
Many women use cannabis to treat a range of symptoms experienced during perimenopause. According to a 2020 North American Menopause Society study, 27% of perimenopausal ...